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Our Newest Most Popular Design

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Green Star ~ Custom Cannabis Accessories

Here at Green Star we customize and class up your cannabis accesories with hand drawn custom artwork. Specializing in Stash Boxes, Rolling Trays, a variety of Grinders and Stash Jars.


Oh I love it! At first I thought 4" was too big but after 3 uses I'm totally comfortable and I love batch grinding my herb for the day, so this has been a dream grinder! And I love the design a lot - it reminds me that I'm not the only space-case out here.

Also, it got here incredibly fast! It was on the way the morning after I ordered and got here in a day or two :)

~ Bianca H.


LOVEEE THIS! I received this lil buddy three days ago, and I've already got a good amount of kief built up! This product is made very well, also has a great screen; very durable, thick/wide netting! Love everything about it!

~ Jake D.


Love this little guy! It's very sturdy, great quality, and the perfect size.

Shipped quickly, too!

~ Casey C.


Love it, super high quality grinds herbs with ease. Adorable design as well!

~ Anna Leigh M.

Coming Soon!

We're currently working hard on developing a stash box that will incorporate and contain all your smoking needs. Made locally in the USA, brought to you by Green Star with all our available custom artwork.

Stay tuned to see what we have coming.

Green Star Stash Box

Made in USA

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