Green Star Grinder

Why Green Star Grinders?

Not all herb grinders are created equal - even if they may be similar in appearance.

We source the highest grade aluminum that does not chip and leave metal in your grind.
(This is a huge problem with extremely cheap grinders that may look similar at first glance but use lesser grades of metal that flakes off into your grind.)

Our herb grinders are anodized finished that does not fade, corrode, or scratch easily.

We use laser etching for our graphics which melds with the anodized finish. This is scratch resistant finish and much more resilient than printing or stick on graphics.

Powerful Neodymium magnets for secure closure.

Poly O ring for a smooth friction free grinding action.

Stainless steel screen so it does not rust.

Curved bottom tray contoured to your finger so you do not leave anything behind.

We are the real deal - do not be fooled by cheap knock offs, we bring you the highest quality grinder without charging an arm and a leg.

You'll find all these features and quality in both our 2.5" and 4" JUMBO grinders.

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