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Nature's High - Balsam Pine Cedar Scented - 6oz Odor Eliminating Soy Candle - Made in the USA

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• Nature's High - Balsam, Pine, Cedar. Smells like a walk through the woods.

Smoke + cannabis odor eliminating soy coconut blend wax candle. Contains natural enzymes that help eliminate smoke, cannabis, weed, pet, bathroom odors from the air.

Made from a blend of coconut, apricot, and soy wax, known for their clean-burning properties, and are scented with phthalate-free fragrances. These top-quality candles have a long burn time, providing extended enjoyment. Hand-poured with precision on Camano Island WA, they effectively eliminate odors while creating a soothing ambiance. Our eco-friendly approach prioritizes sustainability, value and customer satisfaction. 
We have paired our artwork with popular scents, and are printing the artwork directly on top of the container. The side label comes off easily so the user has a cool container for use after the candle is used up.

These candles burn clean and smell amazing, unlike other odor eliminating candles that use toxic wax and fragrances that are unsafe to breathe in long term. 

• Soy & Coconut Wax blend to optimize the scent throw and clean burn.
• Made in the USA
• No zinc or carcinogenic dyes, paraben free!
• 8 oz container
• Container size: 3 1/8" (80mm) Dia. X 2 3/8" (62mm) tall